Descaling Pump

Used for clearing blocked or badly corroded heating and cooling circuits on Injection Moulding Machines and Moulds. Even when not blocked a relatively thin layer of scale or corrosion can act as an insulator and have a huge impact on the efficiency of your circuit. Simply fill up the pump with the descaling fluid, connect the pump to the inlet and outlet of the circuit and turn on the pump. Regular reversal of flow direction, either manual or automatic, speeds up operation and assists in dislodging any solid matter present in pipework and cooling circuits.

By using the pump together with the recommended range of descaling fluids to remove both rust and limescale deposits. The descaling fluid contains a colour change indicator to monitor performance; the translucent tank means that the user can see when the red colour runs clear and is no longer effective. Use the neutralising fluid to create a pH neutral fluid which can be easily disposed of.


  • Compact and Portable
  • Safe and Easy to Use
  • Maintenance Free
  • Integral tank for safety and convenience
  • Translucent Tank to monitor cleaning fluid performance
  • Descaling fluid safely contained at all time
  • Flow reversing (manual or automatic)
  • Full range of cleaning products available


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